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Introducing our versatile and intelligent Light with Remote, Microwave Sensor, and IoT Controller, a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to offer convenience, energy efficiency, and advanced control capabilities. This innovative product empowers users to customize their lighting experience, save energy, and seamlessly integrate with smart home or building automation systems.

Key Features:

Remote Control Functionality: Our Light comes equipped with a user-friendly remote control that allows you to effortlessly adjust the lighting settings from anywhere within the range. With the remote control, you can easily turn the lights on or off, dim the brightness, and even select preset lighting scenes, providing convenience and flexibility at your fingertips.

Microwave Sensor Technology: The Light incorporates a built-in microwave sensor that detects motion within its range. This intelligent sensor automatically turns the lights on when it senses movement and switches them off after a designated period of inactivity. This feature enhances energy efficiency by ensuring that the lights are only active when needed, making it ideal for areas with low foot traffic or spaces where manual control may be impractical.

IoT (Internet of Things) Controller Compatibility: Our Light is compatible with IoT controllers, allowing seamless integration with smart home or building automation systems. Through the IoT controller, you can control the lighting remotely using a mobile app, schedule lighting scenes based on your preferences or occupancy patterns, and even monitor energy usage. This advanced connectivity enhances convenience, energy management, and customization options.

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