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Illuminate your surroundings with our powerful and versatile Back Choke Flood Light. Designed to provide exceptional lighting performance and durability, this flood light is a reliable choice for various outdoor applications. Whether you need to enhance the safety and security of your premises or create a stunning visual impact, our Back Choke Flood Light is up to the task.
Key Features:
High-Intensity Illumination: The Back Choke Flood Light delivers a high-intensity beam of light, ensuring excellent visibility and coverage over a wide area. With its powerful output, it effectively brightens up outdoor spaces, making it suitable for parking lots, sports fields, construction sites, and more.
Adjustable Angles: This flood light features adjustable angles, allowing you to precisely direct the light where it is needed most. Whether you want to focus on a specific area or spread the light evenly, the adjustable design provides flexibility for optimal illumination.

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